Automatic driving, the connected car, safety, mobility and maintenance

Sioux has a thorough knowledge of the critical processes in the automotive industry. This is in line with the growing demand for contemporary, future-proof hardware and software systems for vehicles and the use of them. This is how we help customers to improve their products, speed up their time to market and reduce costs.

IoT is a key factor to realise the smart city with completely new earnings models. For this purpose, real-time data must be collected and converted to information. This information is made available by backoffice applications for operators, OEMs, T1 suppliers, transport authorities and passengers. Nowhere is this specific combination of domain and software expertise as high as Sioux.

Shell City Car 

Sioux collaborated with Gordon Murray Design to realise the Shell City Car of the future. In the development and construction of the concept car, our contribution included the body controller hardware, the software implementation and the full wiring harness.

In Vehicle Domains

  • Vehicle system controller
  • HMI
  • Safety controller, ISO26262 
  • Vehicle drive train controller
  • Energy supply and charging units
  • ADAS controllers
  • Connectivity and off-board controllers

Off Board Domains

  • Fleet management systems
  • Diagnostic & End Off Line applications
  • Passenger & Driver applications
  • Taxi board computer systems
  • IoT & Cloud based services


  • Programming tools: C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET, JAVA, Windows CE 
  • PLC programming: IEC 61131, LogiCAD, KIBES, CodeSys, ISAgraph
  • Special OEM tools: CAVTAN, Gradi in Cinema 4D, MultiViu Professional, WinGauge, DDS and others
  • In-vehicle communication protocols: LIN, CAN, MOST, MC-NET, MOD, etc.
  • Communication protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, SAE J1939, SAE J1587/J1708
  • Common protocols: USB, Bluetooth, LAN, WLAN, UMTS, RS232, RS485, etc.
  • Automotive standards: AutoSAR, SAE, ISO, NEN, DIN, etc.
  • All different CAN tools

This is a time of radical transition in the automotive industry. Vehicles become more sustainable and change into multifunctional information systems. At the same time, the end product itself is starting to lose its significance. Consumers and businesses want to efficiently go from A to B and wish to be facilitated with smart tools. Technological innovation - especially in the field of software intelligence - is therefore crucial to the success of OEMs and their suppliers.

Sioux perfectly senses our needs and optimally responds to them.
‘Sioux perfectly senses our needs and optimally responds to them.’

Mario Marchi, CEO of Marchi Mobile Group

Vehicle performance and functionality are increasingly determined in the combination of technological domains. The added value of Sioux is therefore our expertise in product and system development at the cutting edge of mechatronics, electronics, mathematics and high-quality embedded and application software. Additonaly, as an R&D and manufacturing company, we easily bridge the gap between development, manufacturing capabilities and efficiency in maintenance.


luxury mobile villa on wheels

Marchi Mobile developed one of the most eye-catching vehicles in the world. EleMMents can serve as a mobile villa, flag ship store or private jet on wheels. Sioux supported by divergent technological challenges and the step of prototyping into a productive series product.

Innovative fleet management systems

Fleetlogic collaborates with Sioux on the realization of innovative fleet management and after market solutions. Sioux focuses on roadmap and technology development, Fleetlogic on sales and marketing. Sioux has taken over the initial R & D department of Fleetlogic. The cooperation resulted in market leadership in the Netherlands.

System design for electrical transport

VDL entered into a strategic partnership with Sioux for the development of electric buses. The software and system engineers of Sioux work on high-level system design using model-based software and the design of human machine interfaces