Kulicke & Soffa and Sioux develop new wafer feeder

13 December 17

The development of K&S’ new wafer feeder required constant interplay of the best people: commitment and engineering at the highest level.

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Sioux LIME celebrates her 10th anniversary

30 November 17

Mathematical engineering firm Sioux LIME, part of the Sioux Group, celebrates her 10-year jubilee.

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Meet Sioux at the Precision Fair

07 November 17

Meet Sioux at the Precision Fair on 15 and 16 November in Veldhoven at stand 104. Get to know our employees and our projects and hear how Sioux can help you accelerate your business.

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Sioux opens doors of new office in Delft

30 October 17

Sioux opened up a new office in Delft, near the Delft University of Technology. With this first location in the Metropole region Rotterdam / The Hague, Sioux is able to better serve their customers and the labor market in this region.

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Sioux Hot-or-Not: The Next Generation

26 October 17

Technology company Sioux organized a workshop for children (7+ years old) during the autumn school break. Sioux wants to make the next generation enthusiastic about technology at an early age. This year a total of 128 children participated in the Hot-or-Not The Next Generation engineering workshops at the locations in Eindhoven and Vinkeveen. Under the guidance of experienced Sioux engineers, the youth started building and programming their own robot. This happened with Lego Boost, Lego Mindstorms and Lego Pneumatic.

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Hot-or-Not The Next Generation

03 October 17

Sioux organizes a Hot-or-Not The Next Generation for children on the 18th and 25th of October. During this Smart Systems workshop, the youth (age 7+) will experience how they can make a robot move smoothly and autonomously with the help of mechanics, electronics and software. This workshop is free and will be organized in the autumn holidays. Registration is possible until Wednesday 4 October.

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ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certification for software, electronics and mechatronics

28 September 17

Sioux is ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Sioux is certified for the development and production of software, electronics and mechatronics.

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Functional programming

26 September 17

The products that we are currently developing are becoming more and more complex. This complexity comes from the increasing demand for new software features to be delivered in less time. This is reaching a kind of absolute level beyond which we can’t no longer develop the software in a manageable, cost-effective way. To just keep adding more engineers to develop the software is no longer the solution. We are reaching the boundaries of what is possible.

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The future of software engineering

26 September 17

Technology continuously changes how humans interact. Just think of the invention of the wheel, roads, ships, the printing press and Instagram. All those innovations we made to our lives in the past few thousand years have led to more complex social structures and to an accelerated rate of even more technological innovations. And this vector through time is not stopping any time soon.

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Carlo van de Weijer: 'Vooruitgang boek je aan de software-kant'

18 August 17

Carlo van de Weijer, director of smart mobility at the Eindhoven University of Technology, about innovation in the automotive market in the Sioux Source Magazine 2017.

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