Every year, student teams battle for the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy. This is the chance to design and build a robot together with a team and let it compete with the robots of other student teams. Under expert guidance from Sioux technicians, a fast and precise robot will be built.

It is hard not to loose grip on a steep hill. Especially when it’s slippery and you need to move quickly and accurately. You don’t want to “wipe out!”.

This year, we challenged the students to design and build a robot which can autonomously travel over glass surfaces (a solar panel) at an angle of 45º. Solar panels lose efficiency during their lifetime due to contamination. If we can keep them clean, we can maintain their revenues. They will deliver more power and cost less money. The robot has to go over the centre of a solar panel and navigate around a chimney and a skylight to complete the job successfully. 

During the Dutch Technology Week on 6 June, the final showdown will take place on the Markt in Eindhoven. The student teams will compete with each other for the Mechatronics Trophy. While enjoying a bite and a drink, the robots will have to cover the race-track. The music of Team Dare's robots will make the atmosphere during the contest extra special. 


Check this for all practical and technical information about the Sioux Mechatronica Trophy.

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