During the Dutch Technology Week robots took over the Markt in Eindhoven. The centre of Eindhoven was the scene of the exciting robot battle of the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy. Twelve student teams from universities of applied sciences and universities from the Netherlands and abroad tried to clean as many solar panels as possible in record time with a self-built robot. The participants worked at the autonomous robots in project teams for a period of a year.

Every year Sioux comes up with a challenging assignment that allows the students to experience the entire project flow from concept to end product and at the same time offers a solution to a social problem. In previous editions a fire fighting robot and a care robot were built.

Challenging assignment

This year, students were challenged to design and build a cleaning robot that could autonomously move over a glass surface (solar panel) at a 45ยบ angle. This turned out to be quite a challenge for many teams during the match. Regardless of the many preliminary tests, it was difficult for most to maintain grip on the smooth, steep surface.

The Hasselt University team was able to clean most of the solar panels and recieved the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy at the end of the day.

Winning team: Hasselt University

Winning team: Hasselt University