Robots take over the center of Eindhoven during the Dutch Technology Week

Wednesday, June 6, robots will take over the Markt in Eindhoven. The centre of Eindhoven will be the scene of the exciting final of the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy. This innovative event will be open to the public and is interesting for all ages.

This year, 12 student teams from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are participating in the ninth edition of the Sioux Mechatronics Trophy. For a year the participants have worked on autonomous robots that can clean a solar panel (on a slope of 45 degrees). This will contribute directly to an innovative solution for more sustainable energy.

Every year Sioux comes up with a challenging assignment that allows the students to experience the entire project flow from concept to end product and at the same time offers a solution to a social problem. In previous editions a fire fighting robot and a care robot were built.

Monique Klooster, spokesperson for Sioux: "We want to let students experience how challenging technology can be and that good cooperation between different disciplines within a project is of great importance. In addition, the acquired knowledge and techniques can also be used to strengthen society. "

The teams will start at 16.00 hrs. with the preparations for the race. The preliminaries will start at 18.00 hrs., followed by the final races between 20:00 - 21:00 hours

Robots compete for Sioux Mechatronics Trophy

Robots compete for Sioux Mechatronics Trophy