The goal: Let people with paraplegia walk again.

The TU Delft student team Project March develops an exoskeleton in annual iterations, with which it wants to give mobility back to people with a physical disability. Here (medical) multidisciplinary high-tech comes together with corporate social responsibility. The exoskeleton is an important step towards a future in which wheelchairs have disappeared from the streets.

A wonderful project that Sioux wants to be part of. Sioux is going to be a sponsor and partner of Project March for at least the upcoming academic year. The sponsorship consists partly of a financial contribution and partly of a knowledge contribution. The latter relates to the Balans project. This is a subproject within Project March that focuses on autonomous stability. The pilot and the skeleton are still dependent on crutches. Sioux will work on a solution, together with the students, that doesn’t need to use crutches anymore.

At the end of the academic year Project March will participate in the Cybathlon, the so-called paralympic bionic games. In this competition, pilots in exoskeletons of international teams compete with each other. Within ten minutes they have to successfully complete various everyday activities. A nice moment to see where we are after a year. Team Project March always competes for the 1st prize.