Sioux and GBO Innovation makers stimulate Tech Fun Art experience Manifestations during Dutch Design Week 2018

The project ‘Home in a bag’ won the Sioux-GBO- Young Talent Award, during the exhibition Manifestations in the VEEM.  'Home in a bag' addresses a world issue as water shortage in a human way. In this visionary design, people are not only a problem but also a part of the solution. They transfer existing technology from space into a new domain. This makes the solution as close to humans as possible.

Manifestations: The international Tech Art Fun experience during DDW2018
The Tech Art Fun Exhibition Manifestations is one of the most popular hotspots on Strijp-S this week. More than 50 talented young artists working on the interface between Tech and Art will be exhibiting at the Veem building during the Dutch Design Week 2018. Admission is free of charge.

Sioux  & GBO Award