Mathematical engineering firm Sioux LIME, part of the Sioux Group, celebrates her 10-year jubilee. Since the founding in 2007, the company has grown into a major player in the high-tech industry with more than forty highly skilled academics in-house. The specialist in mathematical tooling fulfills a key role for high-tech companies in understanding and improving complicated technical processes; a crucial ingredient for innovation.

In 2007, Professor Bob Mattheij founded the Laboratory for Industrial Mathematics Eindhoven (LIME), at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Eindhoven. At that moment TU/e was the only university in the Netherlands to acquire a mathematical valorisation institute. In order to better support the business community, Sioux LIME joined the Sioux Group in 2011. Here the company flourishes under the inspiring leadership of Mattheij.

Professor Bob Mattheij: "Mathematics has been the main theme within Sioux LIME for ten years. Every day we focus passionately on solving non-standard problems. This led to successes for a large portfolio of clients. Our mathware enables customers to develop products better and faster and to organise processes more efficiently. Together with the software, electronics and mechatronics specialists from Sioux, we are capable of many wonderful things."