Sioux sold the activities and intellectual property rights of its subsidiary LumiByte to Innosieve Diagnostics. They have been working together from the start, developing and selling rapid microbiological detection equipment and associated tests. Under the wings of Innosieve Diagnostics, LumiByte will gain access to a large network of market channels, thus increasing the chance of international success.

LumiByte was founded in 2012 by Sioux CCM, the Sioux mechatronics branch, based on the idea that it should be possible to accelerate the process of detecting microorganisms in liquids. The microbiological detection equipment of the MuScan for instance - part of LumiByte - in combination with the diagnostic tests of Innosieve Diagnostics, enables the user to detect small numbers of microorganisms in, for example, tap water or in a pharmaceutical product within 60 minutes. With traditional methods, this would easily take a week or longer.

Through the acquisition of Innosieve Diagnostics, LumiByte's technology and international patents remain in Dutch hands. The sales also include the brand names LumiByte and MuScan.