Innovation and cooperation is the key to sustainable mobility

The car industry is on the eve of a major change. Investing in sustainable mobility – such as e-mobility - is of vital importance if Europe wants to keep on playing an important role. The Lightyear solar car offers a disruptive solution. This electric family car, the Lightyear One, can recharge itself while driving. In this way, clean mobility is no longer dependent on charging stations. Through a strategic partnership with Lightyear, Sioux is actively involved in the development of this revolutionary car of the future, both as an investor and as a technology partner.

New source of energy

Gerben Hilboldt (left on the photo), responsible for the automotive branch at Sioux: “Lightyear will turn the automotive industry upside down. Previously the success of e-mobility was inextricably linked with smart grid development, since the network of charging points is a precondition for the adaptation of electric vehicles on a large scale. Lightyear opts for a different approach, by making use of an inexhaustible source of energy: the sun. Solar energy can charge the car while driving, so that the dependency on charging stations disappears. This also means driving on solar energy without any costs, especially in summers as we are now experiencing. Sioux embraces these innovative ideas. Not only by buying a solar car and investing money in the company, but also by being involved in an early stage in the process of thinking and working. This really makes the difference.”

Lex Hoefsloot, CEO Lightyear: “The concepts and designs have been worked out and we received the first investments. The next step will be the execution towards production. Sioux offers us an extensive support in software development. They have a rich experience in the automotive industry and help us with the realisation of a sustainable car, which not only feels intuitive but is also very easy to operate. Not just investing, but also participating in building the Lightyear One demonstrates the unprecedented confidence that Sioux has in our mission: making electric mobility accessible to everyone and everywhere.”

The first prototype is expected to be ready in the summer of 2019.

Gerben Hilboldt en Lex Hoefsloot (vlnr)

Gerben Hilboldt en Lex Hoefsloot (vlnr)