The series A financing round for the groundbreaking Lightyear solar car has been closed. As an investor, Sioux supports this promising initiative to make environment-friendly mobility accessible to everyone, using a hyper-modern electric solar car that charges itself.

In just 1.5 months, Lightyear successfully completed the first investment round. In total Lightyear has now raised € 5M in investments. Qurein Biewenga, CFO of Lightyear; "It is very motivating and beautiful to see how much interest and support we have received over the past few months. In an unforeseen short period, this series A financing round was even oversubscribed. The best aspect was the interest and support we received from our current and new shareholders and our buyers of Signature and Pioneer editions. Their positive feedback and support is of great value to us."

A newly designed car from the ground up

Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear; "A solar electric car is an integral system, not just an electric car with solar cells on the roof. The car becomes an independent entity because the energy source is integrated in the car itself. To make the concept technically feasible, the car must be incredibly efficient. This requires a redesign of the chassis, powertrain and aerodynamics. That is why we have developed a completely native solar-electric platform in recent years. With this platform we achieve an energy efficiency that is up to 3x higher than current EVs in the market. This efficiency, in combination with our PV solar technology, makes a solar electric car a viable solution for millions of users around the world."