Source Magazine is full of ambition

"A company like Sioux cannot be created without ambition. Mine has been fed for many years now by my curiosity about technology, people, and my environment. I can see this longing to discover new things reflected back at me throughout the whole of Sioux. That makes me so happy, and not just because I identify myself with it. It is one of the most  important pillars of our success. It is reflected in the solutions we develop for our customers, in the way we collaborate with them, and just as much in this issue of Source.

Sioux’s uniqueness extends beyond our borders, to countries such as China. The industrial development in and around Shanghai has long since advanced beyond low-grade activities. The same applies for the regional government, which is hard at work on creating a knowledge-intensive economy. They are rapidly making progress in this endeavour; you can feel the progress in every fibre of the Chinese economy and society.

This means that Sioux can find great opportunities here, based on our expertise and our experience as a multidis-ciplinary development partner, and because no similar companies are active in the area. And taking into consid-eration our innate sense of curiosity, it is also just won-derful to be a part of a high-tech cluster that is working on a beautiful future with such energy and a drive for innovation. After all, that will help us bring out the best in ourselves, just as it does within Brainport.

Happy reading!"

Hans Duisters
CEO Sioux Group