Build your own soccer robot

Every year in the autumn break Sioux organises a Hot-or-Not for our ‘next generation’: a technical workshop to develop the technical skills of our future engineers. The workshop will be held on 17 October.

During the adult Hot-or-Not version about Machine Learning on October 4th, Sioux, together with the Robocup team of Tech United presented an overview of the different machine learning principles and the world of AI. Time for the next generation to follow this example!

Learning by doing

Under supervision of Sioux experts, the children will get started with building and programming of their own soccer robot with use of the innovative Lego Boost or Lego Mindstorms. The concept of this free workshop is ‘learning by doing’. That way, children will experience what it is like to use technology and how programming can make things work.

“You can’t start with programming early enough” says Hans Odenthal of Sioux. “The role of software is becoming increasingly important, but at the same time there is a shortage of engineers. We believe we have to do something extra to fill this gap and get the engineers of the future excited about technology. Sioux takes its social responsibility”.