Lego Mindstorms Sioux and Tech United football robot exclusively available at Toypro

Inspired and based on Tech United's world champion robot football, Sioux Technologies has designed a unique LEGO® Mindstorms football robot. This robot is now exclusively for sale at Toypro, in Nederweert. This way Sioux wants to make adults and children enthusiastic about technology.

The Lego Mindstorms Sioux en Tech United voetbalrobot, as the creation is officially called, was designed last year for the technology promotion workshops that Sioux organizes yearly. During these workshops, young people (between 7 and 14 years old) are introduced to the principles of programming using LEGO Mindstorms.

Sioux engineers Hans Odenthal and Jan-Willem van Silhout spent months in the evenings working on the realization of the world champion in LEGO. Special about this robot is that the LEGO variant - just like the real variant - has omni wheels that ensure that the robot has 360 degrees of mobility. In addition, the robot is also able to grab a ball and shoot it, just like its big brother.

Sioux has been the main sponsor of world champion Tech United for two years now. In accordance with the successful student team of TU Eindhoven, the robot is now available on the market. Apart from eternal fame, Sioux has nothing to gain with the sale of the robot. Hans Odenthal: "People can now order our football robot worldwide, this is very special. That gives me the most pleasure."

You can order the robot at Toypro.