The art of visualising software architecture

Software architecture diagrams are a great way to explain and document how a software system works. But static diagrams tend to get out of date quickly and often don't reflect the structure of the code. On the other hand automatically generated diagrams typically show far too much detail, limiting their usefulness.

In this Premium Course Simon Brown explores the visual communication of software architecture based upon his experience working with software development teams across the globe. He will discuss  the importance of creating a shared vocabulary, diagram notation, the value of creating a model and how to use tooling and static analysis techniques to automate diagram generation. You'll learn some lightweight techniques for communicating software architecture using simple sketches and the C4 software architecture model.

Target audience

This hands-on session is primarily aimed at software developers and architects and is about improving communication. 

Course details






Simon Brown



Monday, November 28th



1 day (start at 9:00 AM, end at appr. 5:00 PM)



Golden Tulip Hotel Central in 's-Hertogenbosch



725 euro p.p. (ex. BTW, incl lunch and course material)




About the trainer

Simon Brown is an independent software development consultant specialising in software architecture; specifically technical leadership, communication and lightweight, pragmatic approaches to software architecture. Simon is the author of Software Architecture for Developers and the creator of the C4 software architecture model.

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