'Sioux offers challenging work all the time'

Frank studied Applied Mathematics at Eindhoven University of Technology. Sioux Technologies convinced him to not pursue a career in the academic world by showing its position between the academic world and the industry.

Frank: 'What I really enjoy doing is tackle problems that have no standard solution and require a creative and analytical mind. I need to get challenged all the time, otherwise I get bored and unhappy. This is exactly what Sioux offers me.'

Contributing to the technology of the future

'At Sioux I work together with a great team consisting mostly of physicists and mathematicians, where the knowledge of every individual is the knowledge of everyone combined. Besides contributing to a broad variety of projects and continuously learn to work with the latest tools and technology, I also have time to develop my soft skills and grow in the direction that naturally fits me. I believe that Sioux contributes importantly and creatively to the technology of the future.'