'With Sioux I developed and gained work experience in several domains'

After studying HBO Electronics / Technical Computing, Joost started as a junior software engineer at Sioux Technologies in Eindhoven. In addition to his work, he followed the ESI Embedded System Architecting course. Joost has gained over 20 years of work experience and is currently working as a software architect at Sioux.

Joost: 'I developed in parallel with the growth of Sioux. Sioux gave me a lot of opportunities, allowing me to gain work experience in several domains such as Medical, Semicon, Consumer Electronics, Security Systems and currently within Automotive.'

Complicated processes and interesting work

'Electronics and software play an important role in most automotive innovations. Functional Safety is a crucial part of my job. It's a complicated process to make sure that everything is and remains safe, even if parts break down. The work is extremely challenging, and therefore very interesting to work on. It's very satisfying to realize a project together with the team that not everyone could just achieve.'

See your work being used in everyday life

'The best thing is to see your work being used in everyday life. For example, if you see a bus driving by that contains your software design. That someone is driving around safely and happily because of my work, that's what I do it for.'