At Sioux we offer customized solutions not only for customers, but also for our employees. Especially for Expats, Sioux has created deviating employment benefits so we are able to offer you employment benefits that are not only competitive, but also optimized for maximal benefit of the 30% tax ruling and easily comprehensible for people who are not familiar with the Dutch rules and regulations. Check here the expat optimized benefits.

Dutch employment conditions

  • a permanent contract
  • possibility to work part-time
  • a competitive salary, which is reviewed at least once per year
  • a mobility allowance with the possibility to lease a car
  • PC or tablet for self-education (valued at € 750,- per 18 months or € 1500,- per 36 months)
  • a profit-sharing scheme
  • collective pension scheme
  • possibility to participate in a collective health insurance scheme

There is a time to work and a time to relax

Working is fun and it may even be your passion. But, at certain times, relaxing and taking a holiday is just as important. Everyone receives 26 days holiday, which increases the longer you work at Sioux. Do you need less or more days? No problem, you can buy or sell days.

Remain up to date

Staying up to date is important. What we mean by this, foremost, is that you remain up to date on the latest developments in our profession. With a personal development budget of € 6.000,- per year, you have all the room and resources you need to keep up. The budget allows you to undergo training, attend seminars and purchase books. And you can choose for yourself whether to attend courses during the daytime or in the evening.

Your health is ultimately your own responsibility. But we still like to encourage you to live healthy. This includes the possibility to purchase an Activity Tracker and to have a personal health check carried out.

If, unfortunately, you get sick, we continue to pay your salary. Why should your first sick day be at the expense of your holiday allowance? At Sioux, we don’t believe in these absurd little rules.

A good working environment

If you would like to customize your own work station, we offer an ergo-budget with which you can purchase your ideal keyboard, for example. Or a mouse that feels better to use.

Pizza budget

Everyone at Sioux is crazy about new developments and knowledge. Employees make good use of the option to purchase hardware and/or software from their personal development budget and explore their possibilities at home. Do you find it more enjoyable to do this with colleagues? Then you can also – yes, we believe in also – make use of the office in the evening, together with colleagues. Sioux will sponsor the purchasing of products and a nice meal. This comes from the so-called pizza budget because, as you’ve probably guessed, pizza is often chosen as the food for thought on such evenings. It’s all about being busy with your profession, having fun and experimenting with latest technologies. There are no obligations, except to become better and smarter together.

Your partner/family is also included

Sioux also has much to offer outside working hours, such as nice outings for you, your partner and your family. These include: sporting activities, a sizzling summer party, a cozy afternoon with Sinterklaas and a lovely Christmas dinner. In addition, we regularly hold inspirational workshops built around a specific theme. These might include mind mapping, time management, creative thinking, core strengths, the enneagram of personality types and health. Not only may you participate in these workshops, but your partner and/or your (adult) children can join in as well.

One employment condition of which we hope you will never make use is the payment of a full year’s salary if something should happen to you unexpectedly. In those circumstances we will take care of your partner/family.

Nothing is compulsory, everything is allowed :)

There are as many opinions as there are people. We realize this at Sioux and, therefore, there is no obligation for you to make use of the things we’re offering you. But why wouldn’t you? ;-) Do you have other ideas or wishes? We are always open to trying something new.