Patrice Wamba moved from Cameroon to the Netherlands in 2005, where he continued his study and graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. In 2015 Patrice joined Sioux Technologies as a senior electronics designer.

As a child, Patrice’s curiosity and critical mind led him to disassemble and open almost all electronic equipment available at home. He thus discovered a new interest in technology and engineering science.

Patrice: ‘My daily work consists of specification, design, and realization of mixed-signal and high-speed electronic systems ranging from microprocessors, FPGA to Multiprocessor System on Chip (MPSoC) for a variety of projects.’

Multi-disciplinary projects contribute to a better tomorrow

‘What I like most about my daily work are the multi-disciplinary projects touching multiple engineering fields. This offers the possibility to develop and improve yourself further. The nature of some projects offers the opportunity to impact or contribute to a better tomorrow for ourselves and the next generations’.

Responsibility, ownership, and accountability

‘Sioux has a strong focus on its people, which creates the 'we are doing it together'-feeling. The way projects are approached and handled at Sioux demonstrates total responsibility ownership and accountability of the customer's challenge(s). This approach, combined with Sioux multi-disciplinary technology fields of expertise, creates more of a partnership construction with its customers.’