Passion for technology

Sioux wants to improve continuously to stay ahead. Knowledge development by closely monitoring current technological innovations is an essential ingredient for success. Raising our productivity is an important guide.

At Sioux we sincerely believe in sharing knowledge, so we regularly organize Hot-or-Not lectures that are open for everyone. During these sessions we discuss and assess current technological trends. During a Hot-or-Not evening, a world-renowned technician will elaborate on an important development, of which he or she was the initiator. Access to these inspiring evenings is free of charge.

Next to this, we organize Premium Courses. We will dive deep into a specific topic, thus increasing the level of expertise significantly in a matter of days. We love to share this knowledge with everyone with a passion for technology.

Sharing Knowledge

At Sioux we believe that our collaborators, partners and clients will thrive maximally in an open, progressive high-tech community. Sharing knowledge is therefore a prerequisite for joint growth. That's why our free Hot-or-Not sessions and our Premium Courses are open to anyone who is interested. In our belief that sensible technological innovation contributes to a better future, we also go one step further: we organise annual special events called Hot-or-Not: The Next Generation. This is how we hand over our passion for technology to the youth.