Automotive solutions

Sioux supports OEMs and automotive suppliers in developing, building and integrating software and embedded systems. Additionally, we provide our own hardware products for critical vehicle and vehicle related processes. Our focus is on specific market segments such as trucks and buses, hybrid and electric cars, off-highway vehicles, material handling vehicles, agricultural and other special equipment.

Sioux offers the ideal mix between hardware and software applications related to the automotive industry. At this moment, the automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Nowadays, almost all new innovated functions in passenger cars, trucks and busses are  controlled by electronics and software.

Sioux handles the entire software development process for Lightyear One, the first electric self-charching family car using solar energy.
‘Sioux handles the entire software development process for Lightyear One, the first electric self-charching family car using solar energy.’

Lex Hoefsloot - CEO at Lightyear

In addition to in-car and car-related solutions, Sioux distinguishes itself as a developer of various systems and applications for observation, signaling, simulation, maintenance and training. We provide added value through an integral approach to technological innovation. Furthermore, we contribute to the business cases of clients by employing specific expertise - for example in the field of data mining, big data analysis, and portal and app development - and focusing on development themes such as feasibility, functionality, user friendliness, robustness and cost-effectiveness.

Sioux Logena B.V.

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In Vehicle Domains

  • Vehicle system controller
  • HMI
  • Safety controller, ISO26262 
  • Vehicle drive train controller
  • Energy supply and charging units
  • ADAS controllers
  • Connectivity and off-board controllers

Off Board Domains

  • Fleet management systems
  • Diagnostic & End Off Line applications
  • Passenger & Driver applications
  • Taxi board computer systems
  • IoT & Cloud based services


  • Programming tools: C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET, JAVA, Windows CE 
  • PLC programming: IEC 61131, LogiCAD, KIBES, CodeSys, ISAgraph
  • Special OEM tools: CAVTAN, Gradi in Cinema 4D, MultiViu Professional, WinGauge, DDS and others
  • In-vehicle communication protocols: LIN, CAN, MOST, MC-NET, MOD, etc.
  • Communication protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, SAE J1939, SAE J1587/J1708
  • Common protocols: USB, Bluetooth, LAN, WLAN, UMTS, RS232, RS485, etc.
  • Automotive standards: AutoSAR, SAE, ISO, NEN, DIN, etc.
  • All different CAN tools

Part of the Sioux Group

Vehicle performance and functionality are increasingly determined in the combination of technological domains. The added value of Sioux is therefore our expertise in product and system development at the cutting edge of mechatronics, electronics, mathematics and high-quality embedded and application software. Additonaly, as an R&D and manufacturing company, we easily bridge the gap between development, manufacturing capabilities and efficiency in maintenance.

Sioux Logena is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

As a global player in the automotive industry Sioux works according the highest quality standards.