Development Processes

Software is eating the world and things are changing very fast. A lot of companies still struggle in getting their software and requirements in line with their roadmap. This all comes down to a well implemented development process. Let Sioux, as domain experts, help you in setting up a decent and fitting development process that fits your companies philosophy and way of working.

Embedded Software

Software engineering is one of our core businesses. We are experts in writing software applications for body electronics, multiplex wiring systems, graphical displays, instrumentation, and all other kinds of embedded software applications. Besides software engineering we support our customers in software design, architecture and specifications.

Handheld Software

Sioux has a last of experience in developing handheld software (e.g. smartphone apps) that communicate to dedicated in-vehicle hardware. Furthermore, Sioux is busy with the development of a totally web-based applications that could be practically used on any Internet / WiFi enabled device displaying sophisticated dashboards and command consoles for the HMI Design and remote diagnostics.

Automotive Hardware

Next to our own ready to useĀ products, Sioux is experienced in developing custom made in-vehicle electronics for all types of embedded systems with or without a ISO26262 functional safety standard up till level D. With our in-house production facility we are able to support you from design up to and including the delivery of a finished and tested product.

Safety & Security

Nowadays 90% of the functions in modern vehicles are driven by hardware and intelligent software. Where systems get smarter, vehicles get connected and will be able to act and react with other objects autonomously, there is a need for more in-vehicle, systems and subsystems to control the safety and security. We can help you in getting your systems safe and secure ready for the future.

HMI Design

Designing of HMI (Human Machine Interface) for dashboard systems in order to have the ergonomic aspect on a high level and to create a Signature Design for each customer.