Trends in automotive

Due to the emergence of autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, electrification and connected services, the focus for the development of automotive systems is shifting from a hardware-oriented to a more software-oriented approach. In addition, the technical requirements for the electrical networks of vehicles are becoming increasingly strict. Over the past decade, the number of lines of software code in vehicles has exploded from 10 to 150 million and this number is expected to keep growing to 200 or 300 million. This has a snowball effect on the complexity of systems, and therefore also on development, testing and quality management. Strict requirements in the field of functional safety create even more challenges for the development of the software and hardware functions. Robust and reliable systems are essential in a world of increasingly advanced vehicle electronics and software functions.


Sioux provides integrated solutions for complex electronic systems for the automotive industry. As a strategic technology partner for OEMs and suppliers, Sioux has broad experience in developing, integrating, testing and supplying both embedded software and hardware (sub)systems. With our services, we cover the entire field of development of our clients, from the earliest design stages to the serial release. Our solutions can be found in both the on-board and off-board domains for buses, trucks, cars and special vehicles.

Automotive services

Secure and robust controllers
Sioux develops customer-specific, robust and reliable controllers (ADAS, Body, Telematics, Drive Train). We support clients from early development all the way to vehicle integration and certification based on standards such as ISO26262 and IEC61508.
Smart sensors
An extensive and reliable view of the world is essential to ensure safe decision-making by advanced driver assistance systems. Sioux has a great deal of expertise in implementing smart sensors, sensor fusion, data analysis and artificial intelligence facilitating this.
User friendly HMI
Vehicles with advanced functionalities require modern Human Machine Interfaces. When creating these, Sioux focuses on aspects such as optimising the user experience, interface design and integration in the vehicle network functions.
System development & implementation
The task of testing, validating and managing the lifecycle of electronic systems is becoming increasingly demanding. For this Sioux uses agile and ASPICE-based development, digital twinning and rapid prototyping to guarantee speed and quality.
Modular E/E vehicle architecture
Sioux streamlines complex system development by defining a modular flexible E/E architecture in the vehicle network with a software-focused approach. By uncoupling of hardware and software using simulation, both the internal and external supplier development is optimized, such that customers can maintain their core value.
Supply chain management
Complex technology and safety requirements create new challenges regarding new product design and the quality and costs of components. Sioux helps customers to manage these by identifying suppliers, through product support and effective implementation in the supply chain.
Secure data technologies
Data is also being given an increasingly prominent role in the automotive industry. As a result, security and connectivity are becoming more and more important. Sioux focuses on secure software, having the right architecture for software updates and the connectivity between vehicle and back-office, data management and analysis.

'The people at Sioux are part of our team and keep up on every level. Together we bring innovation to the automotive sector.'

Menno Kleingeld,
Managing Director of VDL ETS

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