Precision and reliability are crucial

Sioux is an innovative technology partner for OEMs in the image & printing sector. We support them in the design of intelligent software, data processing systems, prototype building and assembly of high-quality modules and machines.

We strengthen their competitiveness through our strong focus on quality, development speed and cost-effectiveness. As a multidisciplinary first-line supplier, we know their knowledge domains through and through.


  • Office, Transactional and Graphics art (inkjet) printing
  • Professional inkjet printing substrate positioning (Vexar)
  • Packaging and PET bottle printing production
  • PCB Inner / outer layer inkjet printing production
  • Additive Manufacturing Printing (AM)

The image & printing market is one of high-mix, low-volume and high-complexity. The technology is developing fast and the competition is strong. Sioux increases the effectiveness of OEMs by taking responsibility for the development of key technology. We operate as an extension of the research and the production departments of our clients.

Sioux gave us an important push to the top of our market segment.
‘Sioux gave us an important push to the top of our market segment.’

Emile Asselberg, CEO Phenom-World

The added value of Sioux is in their enormous expertise in optometry, mathematics, embedded systems and data processing, which determine the performance and functionality of high tech equipment. Next to this, as an R&D and assembly company, we easily bridge the gap between development, feasibility and efficiency in maintenance. 


Digital ink-jet PCB-Printing

MuTracx designed an inkjet machine that printed PCBs inside and outside with etch resist inks. Sioux helped break technological boundaries and took over MuTracx to allow market breakthrough.


The Vexar, an autonomous development of Sioux, has many applications. For example, the precision carrier for the imaging and printing industry has already proven its value in the packaging and other industries.

Engine software for professional printers

Sioux worked on the engineering of many components of print engines from Océ, both for wide format printing and A3 / A4 cutsheet professional and office printing. For example, we were involved in the development of engine software for both product lines.


Sioux has realized nozzle control software to create the right deposition of the ink drops of the inkjet process to realize fine structures in the printed electronics.


Sioux has managed to create scanning systems to compare the actual print result with the original design of the PCB infrastructure within seconds.


In printed electronics missing nozzles/droplets can lead to non-conductivity and therefore malfunctioning of the electronic circuit. To prevent this Sioux has developed a system where missing nozzles are detected and on the fly corrected by a pair of redundancy print heads to compensate for the missing nozzle.

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