What are the most important challenges that determine your success as a project manager in the Champions League of multidisciplinary high-tech? Bas van Loon, project manager at Sioux, gives you his top 5. "Even if you are the Ronaldo of project managers, you will never win without a solid team and job satisfaction," he says. "And that is exactly what I find at Sioux."

By Bas van Loon, project manager at Sioux

"The best job at Sioux is that of project manager. Many of my colleagues will certainly deny this because of their passion for their own profession. However, it is certainly true for me. The diversity of my work is enormous, no customer and project is the same. I have a unique view of the full spectrum of our technological disciplines. The diverse projects are of a great importance. And above all: my work has a strong focus on humans. I do it with, and for all involved.

Mission Impossible

To that extent the ideal picture. High-tech projects always face challenges, also at Sioux. I am not referring to the emergence of unrealistic mutual expectations or the unavailability of the most suitable people, neither the unexpected organizational changes at customers or logistical hiccups at suppliers. We all know these type of problems in this work and I do not categorize them as 'mission impossible' but 'practical issues that you simply solve'. I am now talking about the specific challenges that determine the success or failure of project managers in the multidisciplinary high-tech playing field.

Everyone wins

Sioux projects always have three major stakeholders: the customer, our company and the people who work on them. A good result is by definition only a result where everyone wins. Sustainable success is therefore the result of a balance in achieving sub-goals such as innovation speed, quality, cost efficiency, profit, mutual learning and job satisfaction. In addition, for example, monitoring the equilibrium between project goals and strategic deployment is essential. The same applies to the use of solutions that are already on the shelf (safety) versus technological innovation (risk). Moreover, during a project, regardless of which payment model is choosen, it is always a matter of giving and taking in many areas.

Ronaldo of project managers

I consider the search for balance on all fronts as the core of our work as a project manager in high-tech. If you act at the highest level, this requires experience. For example, you must be aware of the business side of the customer, be able to assess risks, be able to separate the important from the less important issues and know the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, your team and the organization. At the same time, all these qualities are of little value on their own. Even if you are the Ronaldo of project managers, you will never win the Champions League alone. It is always a team effort. You must have your colleagues and your company on your side. That is precisely what I find at Sioux.

We do it together

Success is nothing without pleasure in your work; the two are inseperable. That realization is ingrained in Sioux. There are no ranks and positions here, you do it together. There are now hidden agendas, transparency and openness are the norm. You get the chance to grow and learn from your mistakes. In short, we are there for each other, within the company, but also within our project management knowledge group, for example. I think that this is great. I get the space, the mandate, the tools and the confidence to get the best results for the client, Sioux, my colleagues and myself. It is for a good reason that I have been working here for twenty years."

Top 5 challenges for a project manager:

Find the balance:

  1. between the customer, the company and the employees
  2. between short-term and long-term interests
  3. between proven and new technology
  4. in strategic thinking with the customer and monitoring the project scope
  5. in an efficient working process (not too light, not too heavy)
Bas van Loon

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