The customer's challenge

New cancer therapies are driving up the demand for reliable and quick molecular diagnostic testing. Traditionally, tissue dissection is a manual, labour-intensive and error-prone process. Xyall accelerates this workflow with the world’s fastest and most accurate automated tissue dissection systems.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux acts as the R&D department of Xyall. Their mechatronics, mechanics, electronics, software, and mathware engineers delivered state-of-the-art technology in image registration, robotics, and workflow optimization. Sioux developed and produced the entire range of dissection systems, ranging from high throughput systems for large pathology labs to easy-to-use tabletop systems for hospitals.


The Tissector HT is world’s fastest and most accurate tissue dissection system with a high throughput of 80 slides/hour and an accuracy of <0,1 mm. The Tissector TT is the most easy-to-use tissue dissection system with the same accuracy. Using these systems, pathology laboratories and hospitals can dramatically reduce their processing times, shorten the diagnosis time, and provide personalized cancer therapy.


Mechanical design, Mechatronics, System architecture, Image processing, Electronics, Optics, Computer vision, Motion control, Machine control software, Machine learning, Application software, UX.


Xyall digitizes and automates the tissue dissection workflow to help pathologists obtain more reliable molecular diagnostic test results.