High-end application software 

Sioux supports OEMs in realising and integrating application software, such as device handling, verifying processes, image and data analysis, and presentation of information.

Sioux is a specialist in application software. With our state-of-the-art knowledge of development methods, programming languages, tooling and platforms, we help clients to develop distinctive and competitive products. In doing so, we focus on quality, innovation speed and cost-effectiveness.


  • Software Engineering (Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing)
  • Software Testing Services
  • Software Maintenance Services
  • Software Process Improvement


  • MS Windows, Apple OS X, iOS, RDMS
  • C, C ++, C #, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Middleware
  • User Interface Design and Realisation
  • Model Driven Software Development (Verum ASD, Sioux Supermodels)
  • Cloud computing

High-tech products and production systems are becoming more and more complex. This increases the significance of software that bridges the gap between users and their machines in the best possible way. As a result, OEMs face new challenges in developing high-quality application software. Sioux helps clients overcome these challenges with total solutions in software design, engineering, testing and maintenance.

At Sioux they have the capability of thinking in systems: their developers look at solutions and customer needs as an integrated service.
‘At Sioux they have the capability of thinking in systems: their developers look at solutions and customer needs as an integrated service. ’

Nicolas Christiaens, R&D manager at Petersime

Sioux services cover the entire field of technical software. We design and build complete software stacks: user interfaces, mobile apps and application software. Our strength is in an integral approach of solutions. As a strategic technology partner in mechatronics, electronics, industrial mathematics and software, we also complement their critical market processes and knowledge domains optimally.


Human Interface Design for breeding machines

Sioux developed Human Interface for Petersime's newest generation of breeding and hatching machines. Despite the limited development time of a month, we translated the high demands on graphic design, flexibility and ease of use in robust software and reached the deadline of market launch.

Realtime understanding of driving behavior

Fleetlogic is the market leader in making data available from vehicles. Sioux developed the application software for all functional components, from collecting data, sending and processing, until presentation in the form of an app for users.

Reliable and safe patient file system

MAASTRO Clinic was replaced by a new electronic patient file system that unveils patient treatment flow. Sioux developed, inter alia, a framework for quality control and external use and removed obsolete security features.

Flexible Image Taker for Electron Microscopy

Sioux built the Flexible Image Taker for FEI electron microscopes. With this tool, which has been added continuously, users can select, enlarge, and customize different images of samples.


Phenom-World wanted an application store with imaging solutions of their electron microscope. Sioux developed the algorithms and software for the Phenom Pro Suite, a distribution platform with applications suitable for e.g. 3D reconstruction, fiber analyses, element identification and particle research.