Technical Software Engineering Services

Sioux executes technical software projects for its clients, both at the customer location and in-house in the Sioux Development Centre, under the direction of our client or on a project basis where Sioux assumes the final responsibility for the software development.

At Sioux you work in a team of the client together with Sioux end client fellow workers for multiple years on their projects due to the high complexity. Sioux offers you challenging, dynamic, and varied work.

Our employees are our strength!

Based on that belief, we find it very important to guide you optimally in your development. We will keep you focused, we will constantly challenge you to learn and take the next step. As a talent in mechatronics, software, mathematics or electronics, you will contribute to the development and construction of complex products, often on the verge of what is technologically possible.


Your development counts

​The strength of Sioux is in our people. We therefore find it important to support you optimally in your development. Our people managers are there for you to facilitate you in this process. They have a technical background and they know what is needed to take a next step, keep you focused and challenge you. In this manner you will discover how you can grow in your field, for example by doing workshops and go to trainings, but also by facing new challenges in our projects.

Sioux believes in long-term relationships with customers and cooperation based on trust and transparency. Together with our clients, we build innovative solutions that contribute to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, happier and more sustainable.

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T +32 14 84 87 18

Address Herentals

Sioux Technologies N.V.
Welvaartstraat 14-1, bus 5
B-2200 Herentals

Address Gent

Sioux Technologies N.V.
Rijvisschestraat 124
B-9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)    

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Sioux Technologies N.V.
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Sharing knowledge is in our DNA. Our employees are happy to share their technical knowledge and experience with each other. In The Source Program, we link experienced engineers with colleagues just starting their careers. This way you can learn a lot from your own colleagues.



William, software engineer at Sioux: 'After I started at Sioux, I noticed that the knowledge of Linux that I learned during my study was not sufficient for my assignments. There was a big contrast between my study knowledge and what I needed in my work. Sioux placed me between very experienced colleagues and with their help I was able to catch up very quickly.'

'During my job interview at Sioux, I quickly noticed that there was a good match'

Johan, senior software engineer at Sioux: 'Ever since my studies I have enjoyed working on software development for embedded devices. I have always found it fascinating how we can achieve so much with such small devices. During my job interview at Sioux I quickly noticed that there was a good match.'


Why Sioux Technologies Belgium

A personal approach

- You will work on varied challenging high-tech projects.
- You will have a personal development budget of 6,000 EUR per year.
- We take you into account as a person.
- We provide plenty of room for growth.
- You will get freedom and responsibility. 

Personal development budget

At Sioux, you will receive a personal development budget. We do not work with fixed training courses. Your current competencies and ambitions will determine which courses you will follow. And whether it's technical knowledge or personal skills you’re looking for, with a budget of 6,000 EUR per year, it will not be hard to work on your development.

Favourable working conditions

Sioux expects a lot of its employees. After all, we want to deliver the best performance together. In turn, we do everything we can to help you get the most out of yourself. Naturally, this comes with working conditions that fit your needs.

Passionated people

Johan, senior software engineer at Sioux: 'Ever since my studies, I have enjoyed working on software development for embedded devices. I have always found it fascinating how we can achieve so much with such small devices. During my job interview at Sioux I quickly noticed that there was a good match.'

'One of the best advantages of working at Sioux is that they invest annually in the development of their employees. No matter where you start, you will learn a lot on the job, but there is still a clear difference from professional training in a particular subject that interests you. Here you choose which technology you want to delve into more deeply and can often immediately apply this in your current project. As a result, you have learned something nice yourself and the customer is often extra satisfied.'

'Furthermore, Sioux is a company that communicates clearly. If you have a question, you can easily contact a colleague or one of the managers. They will always do their best to help you as best as possible without having to wait days for an answer. Summarized in one sentence, Sioux to me is a company with nice, smart and passionate people working on cool projects and I'm happy to be a part of this.'

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