Software with impact

The complexity of technological products is increasing every day. The impact of software on the added value and sale of your product is becoming more and more important. The addition of functionality, scalability and margins is mainly achieved by developing complete functional modules, where all these disciplines are perfectly aligned.

And because it’s so important for your distinctive profile, the best people must be assigned to the project operating as one team, with the best development processes and the best result. And that will bring you automatically to Sioux.

Knowledge, attitude and skills

Our passionate employees are our strength. Together we go for solutions that make the difference. We do this by recruiting the best engineers based on attitude, skills and knowledge and continuously developing them. Knowledge development is a key factor within Sioux. It's crucial to stay up-to-date and track technology trends closely. Sioux keeps its employees sharp by continuously investing in training, coaching, customer collaboration and knowledge transfers. So you have the best team available.

Innovation accelerator

Sioux is able to work faster, smarter and better through rich knowledge in the field of embedded software, applications, mathematical algorithms, MDSD, ASD and mobile apps, giving you a better price-performance ratio. Due to our gained domain knowledge in many market areas, we work more efficiently and we can help speed up your innovation.

Tailor-made solutions

Sioux delivers customised solutions. In doing so, we support our clients by providing expertise in consulting, projects and R&D outsourcing. And all this according to the strict requirements of ISO 13485 ISO 9001.

Sustainable relationship

We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients. A collaboration based on trust and openness. We want to add value alongside our customers, building innovative solutions which make a contribution to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, more pleasant and more sustainable.


Working together

There are many companies offering software technology but there’s just one which dares to take on the entrepreneurship alongside its customers. Depending on the question and the project, we can take over part of the development risk. In the Sioux Development Centres, we are actually taking responsibility for the result, and we’ll offer you business models that emphasise that. This ensures alignment of interests.

About Sioux

Everything depends on the reliability of your product. Of course, you want a solution that works perfectly. At Sioux we have over 20 years of experience in supporting high-tech companies in developing technically-advanced, intelligent products and systems.

Sioux. Purely personal, purely driven


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