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The complexity of the systems we work on is increasing constantly. At the same time, the demand for faster and more frequent deliveries is growing. On one hand system complexity needs to be limited and on the other we need to cope with it. This brings new challenges that require a change in the way we approach development and testing.

This transition is clearly visible in the rapidly changing automotive industry. The car business transforms from a slow and predictable metal-bending business to a dynamic, fast paced electric digital transport ecosystem. Cars that are capable of Over-the-Air software updates and autonomous driving have marked the start of this new era. This impacts the foundation for how cars are designed, tested and built, and it influences the organization fundamentally. Just like with Volvo Cars.

Jonn Lantz, technical leader in agile software development at Volvo Cars, will discuss how Volvo has evolved in the light of these challenges from a developer’s and tester's point of view, and what that means for the company.

Test architects Bryan Bakker and Dirk Coppelmans will paint the test landscape from Sioux’s perspective. Within Sioux Technologies we manage projects of all types and sizes. And whatever we build, we test. Our trained test professionals work side-by-side with development engineers in demanding environments. They are experts in test automation and developing and managing the related infrastructure. Like Volvo, we need to shift gear to cope with these new challenges. Let's discuss how to broaden our horizons through the use of test models for simulated systems in virtual environments.

Throwback to the Hot-or-Not: Testing landscape of the future

Almost 200 attendants followed the presentation via our live stream. Given the outcome of the poll, Model Based Testing is very ‘hot’ indeed!

You can download the presentation here: Testing Landscape of the Future and watch a 5 minute summary here:


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