We all love to write that beautiful piece of code that fixes that difficult software problem we’ve run into. Fixing the problem and making the solution work. But have you ever considered that delivering a ‘working solution’ under project’s constraints might not be what the end-user of the high-tech machine or application actually needs? And that’s where UX (User Experience) comes into the picture.

Let us explain. Sometimes the customer gives you an order for a rocket, but the user needs a bike. By involving the user in an early stage, UX helps with understanding what they actually need. This way you can better understand the user, and write a better piece of code for the customer.

Greg Nudelman, user experience strategist, tells you all about using UX principles during this Hot-or-Not, and how it can help you to write better code. UX focuses on what is really important in the software development process, so you can focus on smarter, more meaningful and more efficient coding for your customer.

At the end of the evening you’ll decide if you are ready to adopt the UX principles in the software development processes.


17:15 hrs             Buffet
18:00 hrs             Presentation
20:30 hrs             Drinks

Esp 101 in Eindhoven

Date & time
Monday, February 18th
17:00 – 21:00 hours