A big impact with microservices

Deploy faster, scale faster and be more robust. That is the promise of Martin Fowler’s Microservices. A microservice architecture consists of tiny applications communicating via pre-defined interfaces with single responsibilities and installed as well-behaved operating system services. It is all about doing one thing and doing this the best way possible.


James Lewis, one of the members of the Martin Fowler team, will tell you all about the best situations in which to use microservices. During the Sioux Hot-or-Not on March 7th you will learn the core characteristics of microservices and their importance. At the end of the evening you can decide for yourself how microservices can have a big impact on your projects.

About the speaker

James Lewis is a principal consultant at ThoughtWorks for nearly a decade. James co-authored the original definition of Microservices with Martin Fowler back in 2014.  He is a hands-on architect and developer who has built systems composed of microservices in the insurance, banking, retail and publishing domains. James is one of two people who can claim to have come up with the name for the architectural style.