Software & Mathware are making the difference

The world of AI is developing at lightning speed. Algorithms improve themselves every time they are fed data, optimizing the world of high-tech systems. No wonder that universities and companies are utilizing big data more and more to improve their services, products and even soccer skills…

Ralph Schiedon, software architect at Sioux presented an overview about the different machine learning principles. He focused on the trends in AI and how the latest developments are applied in various demanding high-tech projects. Based on the Sioux experiences, Ralph zoomed in on the challenges and opportunities you run into using machine learning techniques. Ralph: ''Machine Learning is a hot topic and that was very clear when I saw the full venue. The world of machine learning is going fast. Less than a month ago ImageNet could be trained in 18 minutes, it has already improved to 3 minutes! We are going to face a lot of groundbreaking discoveries and Sioux will keep a close eye on them."

Wouter Kuijpers, team leader of team Tech United talked about the challenges the team focuses on this year and how they are planning to overcome them. Robocup world champion Tech United uses machine learning to let their soccer robots play the best game possible. Real-time image processing and game strategy are key elements for their success and Machine Learning is making its way into these essential skills. Wouter: "We, as Tech United, have experienced the Hot-or-Not Machine Learning as extremely valuable; top presentations that gave a lot of inspiration. In addition, we received a lot of feedback on our current research, for which thanks! In the coming years we will look at machine learning and which way we can apply this in the current software. We strongly agree with the final conclusion of the evening: Machine Learning is Hot!"