Sioux Technologies, together with Suzhou High-speed Rail New Town (HSRNT), donates 40,000 face masks to Brabant. The first load of twenty thousand face masks will be delivered the day after tomorrow at the Sioux headquarters in Eindhoven.

From there, the Process and Distribution Coordinator PBM Covid-19 Brabant of the Brabant-Southeast Safety Region will ensure that the masks reach the institutions and hospitals that need them most.

Leon Giesen, CEO Sioux Technologies in Europe: “Everyone has to do everything they can now. It is good to see that face masks are already being donated by several Eindhoven high-tech companies to the care facilities here in Brabant."

Giesen: “From our location in Suzhou, Hans Duisters has good contacts with the HSRNT council in Suzhou. Sioux China has therefore doubled the 20,000 mouth masks that HSRNT has donated. A donation so urgently needed! We are grateful for that generosity and will ensure that the face masks get to the right authorities as soon as possible.”