Highly accurate positioning with practical hardware, software and mathware solutions

Sioux stands out as a technology partner with a lot of knowledge and experience in the development, construction and integration of modules and systems where advanced control technology makes the difference. In doing so, we help OEMs to perform better in their international markets.

Sioux has the necessary domain and technical knowledge for converting complex issues in the field of accurate positioning to appropriate solutions. To achieve this, we use advanced tools within a model-based approach.

During the modeling, we take on all aspects that play a role, such as mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We know which actuator principles apply to which positioning issues, and sometimes we combine them. In addition, Sioux knows what measurement systems are available in the market and we have solutions for ultrasound processing of sensor data (including image information). In this manner, we can maximize the dynamics of motion, together with fast computing devices and advanced control technology algorithms.

Kulicke & Soffa 

In the semicon, classical wire bonding is increasingly replaced by new advanced packaging technologies to connect and stack at die-level. That creates new requirements for surface mount technology, the domain of Kulicke & Soffa. Sioux supported this OEM in developing and building a module that inspects, aligns and places chips from the sliced wafer at a very high rate.

Multi DOF stages for: 

  • Wafers for the semiconductor industry 
  • Materials that can be printed 
  • Materials on which laser operations take place 
  • Carriers of biomedical information to be inspected 


  • Reticle handling
  • Wafers handling
  • Web handling 
  • Glass slides handling
  • Cryogenic Trays handling

Technological domains 

  • Metrology
  • Piezo actuators
  • Composite Materials
  • Servo and direct drive actuators
  • Stepping motors
  • Motion Amplifiers
  • Measurement systems
  • Air carriers
  • Vacuum
  • Industrial communication buses
Sioux is a global player in the efficient and fast development of an innovative solution for the rapidly indexed positioning of flexible substrate.
‘Sioux is a global player in the efficient and fast development of an innovative solution for the rapidly indexed positioning of flexible substrate.’

Joep Stokkermans, R&D Manager ITEC, part of Nexperia.

Sioux wants to strengthen its customer’s competitiveness by adding value during their development and manufacturing processes. We do this by deploying high-quality technologies and platforms and applying advanced tools. Next to this, we have elaborate solutions at our disposal for a flying start in technological development. For example, we offer partial solutions for planar movement, web transport (accurate over lengths of more than eight meters), web indexation (start stop movements in less than 20ms) and optical inspection (if necessary also in 3D). Across these building blocks we use our SAXCS platform to implement demanding control technology. With this, we eventually offer customers a head start in their business cases - whether it's modules or complete high-tech systems -both in terms of their time-to-market and quality of their products as well as cost-effectiveness.



ALSI develops and manufactures machines that can cut and / or edit wafers with a laser source. The platform for this should be inexpensive, reliable but also accurate. Sioux put an innovative concept from the academic world into an industrial version that could be made in large numbers. Motion range 350 x 350mm, speed 1 m / s, acceleration 5 m / s2, reproducible positioning accuracy xy +/- 1micron, Rz +/- 5 microrad.


Philips DP has made a successful start in the digital pathology market. The foundation for this was laid in 2010 with the first four prototypes pathology scanners under the direction of Sioux. In addition, our expertise in the optical domain and accurate motion was indispensable. Precision: imagesize 25mm x 60mm, pixelsize 250nm.


ASML is leading in the world in lithography for high-end chips. It manufactures super-thin structures by advanced their advanced optical technology. Without a well-conditioned wafer it's impossible. Sioux was leading the system's development of temperature conditioning and offering the right orientation wafer before exposure. Precision: vacuum robot with stretch length of 1m and accuracy of 100 by 100 microns. Wafer prealignment within 10 microns in x, y plane. Thermal uniformity conditioned on 3mKelvin.


Sioux has a lot of experience with industrial inkjet printing. In addition, our Generic Subtrate Carrier - which drives the substrate very carefully under the printheads - is an important building block. Due to the scalable features of this module, we were able to provide SPG-Prints with a transport module that quickly prints sharp lines and tight geometric patterns on large panels. Precision: 5 microns in x, y and z direction over a width of 1200mm and velocity of 2m / s.