Mechanics - the physical domain of physical motion, balance and forces - is and will remain the foundation of mechanical engineering. The demands placed on state-of-the-art high-tech equipment in this area are enormous, particularly in terms of accuracy, speed and predictability of motion and positioning. This poses major challenges in mechanical design. Sioux helps machine builders overcome them.

High quality and competitive

Today's precision mechanics was born in Brainport Eindhoven. Sioux is an exponent of this region and has more than 50 years of experience in mechanical development of prototypes, one-offs and series products, for example for the semicon, analytical and medical industries. With this, Sioux helps customers develop high-quality functional competitive products and accelerate their time-to-market. Our competences include Design principles for precision mechanisms, model-based design, structural and dynamic analysis, heat and flow analysis, integration, testing and Design for Excellence.

Manufacturable integral design

Accurate positioning not infrequently requires pushing mechanical limits. This requires an understanding of all possible aspects that affect the behavior of advanced machines, such as materials, strength and stiffness, dynamic and thermal behavior, magnetism and friction. This should result in a mechanical design that gets the most out of a machine and its application. It must also be manufacturable, for example from the point of view of quality and efficiency in production and service. Sioux has all these competences in-house and distinguishes itself as an exceptional partner for high-tech machine builders.

Mechanical Engineering Solutions

6 DOF accurate positioning
Sioux's mechanics team has expertise in accurate and fast positioning in 6 degrees of freedom in the sub-micrometer range of products and objects, from <mm3 and milligrams to >m3 and kilograms.
Tooling for measurement, testing and production
Developing, building and optimizing high-tech equipment involves continuous testing and measuring. Sioux develops and realizes advanced tools for design validation and production optimization.
Extreme accuracy requires environmental conditioning. Sioux has the relevant competencies in-house, including high-vacuum, ultra-clean, protective gases against oxidation, mK temperature stabilization and vibration control.
Design for prototypes through to series
Sioux is an expert in the development and construction of single pieces, mastering the full range of knowledge to achieve efficient series products: industrialization, Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Cost.
Enclosures and product design
The importance of design and user-friendliness is great, for example for medical products. Sioux develops enclosures and user interfaces, and has the knowledge of associated techniques such as injection molding, 3D (metal) printing and aluminum casting.

'It starts with craftmanship and experience. '

Lex Schoordijk,
Project Manager Emerging Markets at ITEC

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