State-of-the-art mechatronic products and production systems

Sioux develops innovative mechatronic solutions, from conceptual design to the production of test set-ups, one-off machines and series products. We thereby support high-tech OEMs and brand manufacturers in the realisation and acceleration of new product development and the improvement of mechanical robustness. This results in increasing product capacity and reducing production costs

Sioux has a vast expertise in precision movement and positioning, miniaturisation, vacuum technology, optical monitoring and embedded design. That is the foundation of our impressive track record as a developer and producer of high-end modules, systems and machines.

SAXCS motion control platform

Sioux is able to simulate and test line design completely, to automatically transfer it to an embedded system with SAXCS (Smart And fleXible Control Solutions).

More about SAXCS

Project management

System architecture

  • Translate customer requirements to specifications
  • Integrated multidisciplinary approach
  • System Composition
  • Concept design

Design competences

  • Predictive modeling
  • Control algorithms
  • Machine dynamics & control, dynamic and quasi static behaviorĀ 

Optics & vision

  • Laser technology
  • Fluorescence Technology
  • Optical (light pad) design
  • High speed image processing
  • Final assembly and testingĀ 
The benefit of working with Sioux is in the combination of competences.
‘The benefit of working with Sioux is in the combination of competences. ’

Ron van Oosterhout, IAI Industrial Systems

With our smart, innovative mechatronic solutions, we help clients perform better in their international markets. We work on sub-projects, but also offer complete solutions; Customized innovation, technology development, integration and production. We carry out inspection, assembly and testing work in our separate project rooms and cleanrooms.