Physical and mathematical algorithms

Within the field of scientific computing the focus is on the design and realization of groundbreaking high-tech machines and applications for various applications. Sioux develops physical and mathematical algorithms and implements these on any infrastructure, using modern computer architectures. Working within the limitations of existing systems is often a major challenge. The complex problems which customers present to us often require state-of-the-art solutions, for example in the field of deep learning, internet of things, cloud, edge and embedded devices.

Data pipelines

Creating advanced innovative technology requires the right scientific computing skills and tools. It requires a deep understanding of the physical domain of customers and what drives their markets. Sioux unites both qualities. We quickly prototype a solution and roll it out in the field. In doing so we rely on our exceptional expertise in building digital twins, simulating the operation of systems and optimizing hardware. Another crucial strength is our vast experience in designing data pipelines to process large amounts of data in a robust and scalable manner.


Scientific Computing is a multidisciplinary field par excellence. Within Sioux we not only bring together all relevant mathware domains, such as numerical mathematics, artificial intelligence and optimization. We also know how to build the necessary bridges with our competence clusters in the development and construction of software, electronics and mechanics. It is precisely from this integrality that Sioux offers total solutions which cover all aspects of the customer's demand and enable them to realize their technology of tomorrow.

Scientific Computing

Sioux can oversee the entire machine learning process for an organization. Our algorithm developers are on the same floor as our experts in cloud technologies such as containerisation, Kubernetes and serverless.
Edge AI
We accelerate AI models on Edge devices using hardware accelerators such as GPU, TPU and FPGA. With this, Sioux makes advanced AI available for production and analysis equipment where high throughput is required.
Digital Twins
Sioux can simulate customers' processes in detail and thus optimize a machine design before it is built. Early adjustment is also made possible, by simulating the evolution of processes.

'Sioux Technologies understands our issues and helps us achieve a breakthrough in digitizing a huge amount of complex geodata'

Rik Ebbeling,
manager product- en procesinnovatie bij het Kadaster

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