Embedded software design and integration

In a software central approach, the customer value, reliability and user experience are secured while optimizing the hardware performance and costs. Taking the customer specific requirements as basis, the functional safety implementation is performed in the most cost efficient and least resource demanding way to cover developments up to ASIL-D.

Instead of offering a one-fit-all box, Sioux helps partners to create their own customer specific architecture and modular software stack. The strong middleware that allows standardizing on API’s and interfaces, flexible to add new software functions from various sources, while maintaining compliance, robustness and performance of the platform. Detail to software elements as diagnostics, remote monitoring, telltales, gateway and user interfaces ensures that the embedded system can be seamless and flawless integrated into the vehicle E/E network.

Hardware development, implementation and optimization

Sioux’s approach to hardware and software development enables definition of the optimal hardware suite to maintain independency from hardware component producers and the serial-product suppliers. Going beyond software, Sioux forms the technology partner for the embedded system and the right hardware. With the customer and functional safety requirements, the E/E architecture, software stack and producibility in mind, Sioux helps define the optimum hardware set for the needed performance at the minimum unit costs, starting in the prototype phase, up to the serial hardware definition.

By creating functional prototypes for proof of concepts or MVPs very early in the development the end user value of the intended product can be demonstrated and proven. Requirements can be derived, and next development steps can be better tailored and controlled to optimize hardware and software performance. From the prototype to first small series serial production, Sioux in-house assemble the embedded system. At increasing serial volume, we support our customers to select the right hardware producer to minimize unit costs and optimize the supply chain.

Next to development, our assembly department can also take care of the production of the controller unit with its in-house assembly capabilities or if desired coordination an external production setup.

Value proposition

  • Robust, reliable, safe controllers ready for industrialization
  • Reliable hardware & software, compliant to functional Safety
  • Designed with the end user and brand value central