The customer’s challenge

VB-Airsuspension needs their new air suspension controller to be ISO26262 (functional safety)-ASIL C certified. This certification has a major impact on the development process, automation of processes and system architecture. The controller architecture needs to be prepared for active damping as well.

Sioux’s contribution

Sioux developed the entire controller (hardware and software) and took responsibility for getting the controller through the entire ASIL- C certification process, under considerable time pressure.


The product and the used state of the art development and production process have been certified and approved by the TÜV, which opens the doors for VB-Airsuspension to any OEM in the automotive industry.


Ansys Medini, Matlab/Simulink, StateFlow, Embedded Coder, HIL/SIL, ISO26262, HARA, FMEA, FMEDA, TICS and Altium.


VB-airsuspension provides innovative air-suspension systems for light commercial vehicles (and ambulances, car-transporters or campers) to improve comfort, increased stability, or enabling a vehicle to lower or raise for easy access.