Employee Benefits

One thing that fascinates us even more than technology is people. Without the expertise of our employees, we are nowhere. That’s why we do our very best to take good care of each other, with good employee benefits.

We value the unique talents and drive of our employees, and we offer a working environment where everyone can develop well and share their passion for technology.

Develop yourself

  • €6.000 personal development budget per year
    Yep, that’s right. Each year you receive a personal development budget of €6.000. Costs for internal and external studies,
    time for self-study, costs for study-related travelling and accommodation, purchase of (e-) books: you name it. You choose.
  • Vitalitech budget
    Every year, you can spend €1000 gross from your personal development budget on sports and exercise.
    Or a bike. Or a laptop / tablet for private usage or your workplace at home. Up to you.

Feel at home

  • Our living rooms
    The cosy meeting place by us, for us. A business meeting, lunch, event, sports workout, workshop, or just a little chat: anything is possible here. From Sioux Labs to Herbert’s café: you’re welcome to come and get a taste of the vibe. 
  • Events for you, your partner and/or your family
    All year round, our Ministry of Fun Things organizes activities for you, your partner and/or your family. A day at a theme park, our smashing Christmas parties or inspiring workshops.


Great! Have a look through our vacancies and see what opportunities we have to offer.

We take having fun seriously

In our company we find it important to have fun together, which is why we organize lots of activities for our employees: from big festivals,
Quiz Nights and Friday afternoon drinks (with our own Sioux beer) to innovation pizza sessions with your colleagues. 

Invent new things together

  • Pizza budget
    We frequently meet up after working hours in our so called ‘Tech Labs. On our own initiative, we’ll be tinkering on cool ideas and experiments. Among other things, we have a Microcontroller-, MDSD- and an Electric Piaggio-group. Sioux arranges the space, pays for the equipment and treats the participants to food for thought, we call this the Sioux Pizza Budget. 
  • Follow the latest technological advancements 
    Quite often, we invite inspiring people to tell about advancements of which they were at the very source. Sharing trends and knowledge: that’s what our Hot-or-Not events are all about. Attending them is free of charge or any obligation.

And of course: the basics

  • A permanent contract, 28 holidays and more
    That’s right: ‘and more’. Such as: expenses, travel allowance or a lease car, holiday allowance, group health insurance and a pension scheme.
  • Opportunities to work part-time and/or from home
    Flexible working hours and locations. We’re always open to discuss possibilities, depending on your (personal) situation and your project.

Want to know more about our benefits?

Or perhaps you have personal needs you’d like to discuss with us? In any case: feel free to contact via 040-267 71 00 or mail to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Hear it from our employees

Electronics Engineer Tina

Electronics Designer Tina

'We have a lot of fun while working, something that I personally find very important. Fun motivates people.'
Freek Gsc

System Designer Freek

'I have a strong drive to develop myself in both hard and soft skills and at Sioux there is room and attention for me as a person.'

Mathware Designer Bidisha

‘What I really value about Sioux, is the social aspect. Family and partner are also involved in activities, this feels rare to me.'