Tina works as an electronics designer within the Sioux Electronics and Electrotechnics department. She has worked on various projects for different high-tech companies.  

Tina: 'What I like best about my job, is seeing my work come to life. When you have been working on a challenging project for a while, for instance on an enormous and complex microscope, finally seeing it put to use in real life is truly rewarding. Knowing that the small thing I worked on, might have an impact on the world and can help with detecting viruses and battling disease. That is really cool and motivates me.’ 

'It is really cool to see your work making an impact'

The people make Sioux 

‘The thing I love about Sioux is the people. Everybody is very nice here and they all want to make a difference. We are having fun while working, something that I personally find very important. Fun motivates people. Sioux often supports this by organizing fun events and socials. We have a lot of parties, brew our own Sioux beer, there is a Sioux band that some of my colleagues are in and a lot more. I try to join the events as much as I can, because it are great ways to connect with my colleagues, and ofcourse a lot of fun.

Electronics Engineer Tina

Tina's Top 3 reasons for choosing Sioux:

  • Nice colleagues that enjoy having fun and are passionate to make a difference
  • Working on technology that makes impact on the world
  • A lot of fun socials and events

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