Development force and speed in the engineering and production of inkjet-based high-tech equipment

Industrial Printing is increasingly used in, for example, production processes. Sioux has in-depth knowledge of the inkjet domain and related inkjet solutions, which are increasingly applied in markets such as Printed Electronics, Semicon, PCB, Solar and Display. Sioux supports OEMs in product engineering and production of inkjet-based high tech equipment from this core competence. This helps OEMs to accelerate innovation and reduce costs.


VEXAR is an intelligent substrate transport system, developed and produced by Sioux. This precision carrier for the image and printing industry has already proven its value in the packaging and other industries.

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Inkjet Functions 

  • Inkjet Mechatronics: Mechanics, Print stage, Print beam, Ink Dosing Systems, Inkjet jetting temperature systems, Ink Curing Systems, Wiping Systems, Maintenance Systems, Inkjet Head Redundancy, Print Fire Puls Synchronisation Systems
  • Inkjet Print Logistics: Panel Logistics, Flexible Substrate Positioning Systems
  • Inkjet Software Systems: Print Rasterisation, Printing Data-Path (FPGA), Printing Strategy, Printer Control Systems and Hard Real-Time Software Systems
  • Inkjet Scanner Systems, Scanner Optics and Illumination, Image Processing, Printer Calibration and Print Verification
  • Inks: Thermal curable, Hotmelt, UV curable, Hybrid hotmelt / UV curable, Solvent based
  • Inkjet heads: Fuji Dimatics, Xaar, Océ Technologies

Inkjet Fields 

  • Large Format Printing, Office Printing (graphics printing)
  • Packaging Printing (graphics printing)
  • Etch Resists Printing (masking printing)
  • Assembly Printing (adhesive printing).

Inkjet testing equipment 

  • Inkjet Droplet Watcher equipment
  • Ink head  testing equipment
  • Front to backside alignment testing equipment
  • 2D measurement table (scanner system)
  • Various microscopes (both optical and SEM)

The expertise in the design, production and integration of inkjet solutions for Sioux high tech equipment is huge. For example, we have standard solutions for high accuracy printing with a very high level of jetting accuracy. By using advanced models in the digital print pad and print strategy and using both dot position and dot timing solutions in combination with dot frequency modulation, Sioux is able to print up to 50 microns in both print direction and perpendicular print on Print dimension accuracy. By further utilising ink head nozzle failure prediction combined with advanced print head redundancy, Sioux is able to deploy inkjet industrially in manufacturing processes.

Sioux wants to strengthen customer competitiveness. Sioux deploys its printing solutions in the product and system development of its customers based on that point of view, whether it is printing modules, or complete printing systems like production machines. The application of these printing solutions gives our clients a lead in their markets, both in terms of their time to market, the quality of their products and their cost-effectiveness.


Engine software for professional printers

For both wide format printing and A3 / A4 cutsheet professional and office printing, Sioux has worked on many components of print engines. For both product lines, Sioux is active in all layers of engine software

Economical virtual printer driver

For Ecofont, Sioux has developed a dedicated virtual printer driver capable of lowering ink usage without significantly reducing print quality. The solution is in the generic driver, which is able to collaborate with many applications.

High-speed printing for the DECOR market

For SPGPrints, Sioux has deployed its GSC platform into a large printer developed for the decor market. With very high throughput speeds, SPGPrints has developed a printer for different types of decoder materials.