Innovation ensures optimisation of business processes

Sioux supports Agro & Food companies in developing high-quality hardware and software solutions, such as monitoring, control, logistics, distribution, maintenance and chain communication. We design, create and integrate innovative high-tech systems and applications. That is how we help clients to realise and maintain product leaderboard, operational excellence and customer intimacy.

Efficiency is key 

The agro & food industry is one of the main pillars of Dutch exports. The sector is an international leader in the development of innovative quality products and services, and the efficient organisation of business processes. Technological innovation is thus a crucial success factor for companies in the primary sector, food manufacturers and their suppliers.

If you bring in Sioux, you will get exceptional professionals with a high level of empathy for the end-user.
‘If you bring in Sioux, you will get exceptional professionals with a high level of empathy for the end-user.’

Nicolas Christiaens, R & D manager of Petersime

Sioux has vast expertise in mechatronics, electronics, mathematics and software. We generate innovation through combining diverse knowledge, such as embedded systems, algorithmics, image recognition, data analysis, and mobile apps. Improving quality, accelerating development and cost efficiency is central in all of this.


Human Interface Design for breeding machines

Sioux developed Human Interface for Petersime's newest generation of breeding and hatching machines. Despite the limited development time of a month, we translated the high demands on graphic design, flexibility and ease of use in robust software and reached the deadline of market launch.

Algorithms assist in sustainable agricultural activities

Eleaf is a supplier of data on water and vegetation for sustainable productive agricultural activities. Sioux enabled an automatic overlay matching and analysis process of satellite imagery taken at various times, including the development of algorithms for detecting and removing clouds, shadows and fog.

Quality impulse for automatic food and drink installations

Sioux supported ROXELL, the worldleader in automatic cattle eating and drinking facilities, in modernizing an existing chicken feed system. By developing and integrating new embedded software, quality was improved and life span extended. Hardware-moderate adjustments were not necessary.

Image analysis for fruit and vegetables 

Rijk Zwaan, an international vegetable breeding company, uses photographs for quality control and the selection of plants. Sioux developed and implemented generic image analysis techniques, including precise color calibration and calculating the shapes of leaves and fruits.

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