Accelerating innovation

The dynamics in the world of logistics services are enormous. The importance of organizing greater efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability is growing. Technological innovation is key. Sioux has expertise in image analysis, modelling, machine learning and big data analysis. We combine these competences in Logistics Solutions; mathware solutions that help logistic companies to accelerate their innovation and ensure their competitive position. Sioux makes the difference by developing state-of-the-art algorithms and software that use the data of companies to optimize processes.

Intelligent warehousing and distribution

Sioux develops and implements Logistics Solutions to map, analyze and improve packaging, routing and scheduling processes. We provide advanced mathware for automated box selection and packing proposals in warehouses to reduce transport volume. We create intelligent systems for autonomous dynamic distribution and collection of goods, for example based on sensors, regulations and simulation software. We also facilitate the optimization of goods flows in distribution centers, for example by aiming for reducing storage volume and increasing the quality of fresh products. Sioux has many of these solutions in stock. They are flexible and immediately deployable; tailored for each process.

Logistics Services Applications

Efficiency of the packaging strategy
An efficient packaging strategy reduces transport volume, shipping and transport costs and CO2 emissions. Sioux offers, amongst others, software for box optimization, optimal packing and slotting tooling that is easy to integrate into warehouse management systems.
Optimization in routing
The optimization of complex routing requires intelligent real-time analysis and control, for example based on traffic information, sensors and safety aspects. Sioux develops solutions for scenario calculations, automatic (route) planning and decision making.
Intelligent scheduling
Combining historical and real-time data gives predictive power to algorithms. Sioux has ready-made products, including for efficiency in stock positions, slotting and pick and place machines.

'The packaging application has a smart and powerful algorithm and is easy to integrate in order to enable Packaging Optimization in our warehouses.'

Jeroen van der Niet,
Global Strategic Supply Chain Leader at Abbott

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