Build your future

As a technology student you have a wide variety of companies to choose from after graduating. But how do you determine which one will make you happy? Where is the work the most interesting, where are colleagues good society and where can you develop yourself optimally, both professionally and personally?

At Sioux Technologies, we understand that this choice is not an easy one to make. That’s why we are offering an inspiring work environment where you can start in different fields, such as solar and semicon, life science, imaging, food and the automotive industry. For example, we work on hightech innovations in the area of PCB-printing, domotics, medical equipment, transport of the future and sustainable food production. By joining in our diverse projects for leading multinationals and promising startups, you determine in which direction you want to grow.

Seats to meet at Sioux

Are you looking for your first job and would you like to get acquainted with Sioux? Come to our Seats to meet event. You will meet our employees there and they will tell you everything you want to know about our challenging projects and unique culture. These meetings are not only fun and interesting, but they will also help you to guide your choices in shaping your future. You can find our opening for juniors in our vacancy overview

Student internship and graduation assignments

Another way to get to know us, is through an internship and graduation program. We offer a variety of assignments for college students, including students in software, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics and mathematics. During these special projects, you will experience the freedom and responsibility of working at Sioux. Naturally, you will be supported by our technicians. Have a look at our internship and graduation assignments. If there are no matching assignments, you can always send an open application to [email protected].

Sharing knowledge and getting acquainted

Sioux regularly provides technical lectures at universities and colleges. So do keep an eye on the agenda at your training institute. Do you want to organise a stimulating meeting yourself - for example, about specific high-tech domains, trends in software design or the application of mathware? Please contact us, we would love to contribute. Or do you prefer to visit Sioux for an interesting tour and to taste our unique culture? That is possible too. You and your fellow students will be more than welcome.

Student assignments