Reliable and safe hardware and software by developing and introducing high-quality healthcare 

Sioux relieves the medical industry by being a multidisciplinary service provider in intelligent software and mechatronics. For example, we design and build medical systems and applications for prevention and early diagnosis of medical problems and post-treatment monitoring. Sioux is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified for development and production.

Life Science 

  • Rapid microbial detection systems
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Antidepressants and family planning production equipment

Medical Diagnostics

  • Pulmonary testing
  • Digital pathology scanner
  • MRI / CV / X-ray scanner systems
  • Radiotherapy systems
  • Registration of uterine (pregnancy) activity
  • Mobile health monitoring

Medical Treatment

  • Respiratory devices
  • Washer disinfectors and dryers for flexible endoscopes
  • Radiotherapy simulation software
  • Blood and fluid warming systems
  • Dental modelling and reviewing
  • Workflow management

Philips Healthcare 

The Philips IntelliSite pathology system represents a revolution for anatomical pathology. The Ultra Fast Scanner allows analyses to be performed significantly better and faster. Sioux was involved in the development of the technology and is also an investment partner.

Because of the rising number of elderly people, we see an increase of chronic diseases and staff shortages. This has profound consequences for the care-life cycle. Because of increasingly complex technology and digitisation, the need for reliability and security of devices and data is also growing. Technological innovation therefore determines the success of OEMs in the medical industry. In addition, it must find its way to the market in a fast and cost effective manner in the shape of sensible user-friendly products.

In this type of project it is crucial to work together with a fully-fledged development partner.
‘In this type of project it is crucial to work together with a fully-fledged development partner.’

Henny Knorth, project manager at Wassenburg Medical

Sioux is helping clients to realise their plans. We focus on the development and production of patient-related equipment for care, pharmaceutical and medical engineering - modules, systems and end products - and mobile applications. As an autonomous innovator and investor, we also play an important role in the development of innovative medical technology and promising start-ups.


Software and electronics for medical cleaning equipment

Wassenburg Medical is a world player in the endoscope cleaning industry. Sioux supported the company in developing and testing the software and electronics of the latest generation of high tech washer and dryers, all according to the high quality standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Design, development and testing of 3D model software

With an automated system for workflow, scanning, modeling, analysis and printing of 3D teeth models, Orthoproof changes the world of orthodontists. Sioux signed for the design, development and testing of the software test.

Microbiological detection in 60 minutes

LumiByte manufactures and sells equipment for rapid microbiological detection, such as the MuScan. Sioux spin-out combines state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of accurate positioning, imaging, optics and software.

Hard- AND software for foetal monitoring

The Atlantis of Nemo is a medical device that monitors the well-being of mother and fetus. Sioux supports the starting OEM as a developer of hardware and software for the recording and display of electrophysiological signals.