Sioux supports high-tech OEMs in integrating, assembling, testing and delivering modules, systems and complete machines. Sioux is an high-quality partner for OEMs in the market of high complexity, high mix and low volume. We optimize the customer's QLTC performance - increase quality, speed up delivery time, add technological knowledge and minimize costs - through a modern interpretation of new product introduction, procurement, assembly and delivery.

Sioux makes high-tech modules, systems, box-build solutions and machines. By involving our assembly people in the development of new products from the earliest design phase, we ensure optimal choices in the areas of Design for Excellence (DfX), Design for Cost (DfC), Design for Assembly (DfA) and Design for Quality (DfQ). In addition, we are an independent supplier of parts, units and modules, and guarantee an optimal balance between supplier risks and price. Additionally, with a smart logistics system for warehouse management, this also results in better quality control.


  • Unit assembly (optional)
  • Integration
  • Calibration 
  • Qualification /(End)Testing



SamanTree Medical is committed to reducing the need for cancer surgery re-operation, particularly in breast surgery. The patented Histolog™ system of this medical start-up enhances clinician ability to assess tumor margins with greater precision during surgery. Sioux has the exclusive production rights for this medical machine.