Portals and mobile apps, for example for monitoring, driving and maintenance

The Portal & App factory of Sioux specialises in the development of portals and mobile apps for high-tech companies. In addition to functionality and user experience, the connectivity with devices and data visualisation are leading themes. We know the business cases, knowledge domains and business processes of our clients and think in total solutions to improve their results.

More and more high-tech companies use portals and mobile apps, as a functional component of products, to improve processes, and to intensify customer relationships. Sioux supports them in part-time projects or by taking full project responsibility. We create added value as a multidisciplinary development partner, but also by looking beyond technology.

Domotics app for Niko

The switch to developing and marketing high-tech home control systems is a major step for Niko, the Belgian market leader in classical switching equipment. Sioux supports the company, by delivering services such as the development of a mobile app for serving, configuring and monitoring an automation system for homes.


Development first concept based on

  • Techical feasibility
  • Business case


  • Research & analysis
  • Business processes, workflow & wireframe design
  • Interaction, style guides & visual design


  • Coupling to backend systems and technical devices (protocols: SOAP, REST, Bluetooth, BLE, TCP/IP)
  • Native app development using languages like Swift, Objective C or Java
  • Cross platform development using cross platform technology Xamarin
  • Testing (Using test clouds)

Technical Role-out

  • Test runs (Alpha, Beta testing)
  • Final role-out in Google play, Apple App Store.


  • User usage collecting
  • Maintenance of the app


Mobile apps can make or break your product.
‘Mobile apps can make or break your product. ’

Bas van Loon, project manager at Sioux

Sioux has a broad experience in developing and building portals and mobile apps without compromising to functionality. This requires specific knowledge about cloud and web services, data mining and platform independent software development, visualisation and intuitive use. Next to this, we combine various competencies, such as linking devices and back-end systems, mathematical algorithms for fast data processing and wireless communication technology. After all, high end portals and apps are never stand-alone solutions.


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