Process optimization and automation

Image analysis is the extraction of information from digital 2D and 3D photos, video and sensor images. Sioux focuses on creating systems that generate, process and interpret visual data. This enables our customers to optimize and automate a wide range of processes. Transcending the human way of image analysis is becoming increasingly important. The application of machine learning techniques provides understanding at a deeper level. Among other things, this paves the way for new intelligent technology.

Classic image analysis and deep learning

Sioux has enormous expertise in classic image analysis and deep learning techniques in which the collection of large 'ground truth' datasets play a major role. Our freedom to combine conventional and state-of-the-art methods allows us to accelerate this process and reduce costs. In addition, this approach - instead of the blind use of a black box solution - offers clients and end users insight into their systems and applications. Moreover, thanks to the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of our engineers, we offer customer- and problem-specific solutions.

Complete system

Image analysis is not a stand-alone discipline. The development and implementation of image algorithms always serves the realization of a complete system. This requires extensive knowledge about optics, mechatronics, embedded systems, optimization, data science and machine learning. Sioux combines all these competences. As a strategic partner of renowned OEMs in the automotive, semiconductor, agro & food and medical industries we know what drives them. This way we can add maximum value to their business cases.

Image analysis applications

Quality Inspection
Real-time quality inspection using image analysis facilitates the acceleration and improvement of production processes in the semiconductor, agricultural and chemical industries, among others.
Medical Imaging
The use of image analysis is booming in healthcare, for example in the operating theatre and in pathology labs. This results in improvements in quality, costs and time.
Robot vision
Image analysis is a driving innovative force in robotics, stimulating the development of a wide range of new technologies such as medical scanners, self-guided vehicles and robots that remove weeds.

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